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Service philosophy
———— 服务理念 ————
  • Pre-sales Services

    Full-time On-line Customer Service: 400 customer service phone and business personnel answering phones at any time for 24 hours a day, providing contact for product sales channels;

    Sales and technical personnel provide door-to-door services to promote the company’s business, technology, products and etc.; professional product instruction: product introduction, design and application performance, recommended processing technique or application formula, product packaging and requirements for storage and shipping, and etc.;

    Send samples for free trial. Provide technical services for bench test, pilot test and large test.

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  • Technical Support Services

    Provide efficient product personalized customization according to customer demand;

    Professionalized R&D, production and sales teams track customer application and feedback, and rapidly adjust product index and technology according to the demand;

    Answer relevant product consultation in a timely manner during application process;

    Provide customers with formula services and help customers adjust application formula and technological process.Provide customers with comprehensive technical solutions for relevant industries according to customer demands on production process;

    Customers can refer to the placing of purchase order, delivery and other information immediately.

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  • Logistics Services

    Deliver to customers door-to-door;

    The system can be traced from end to end during the whole logistics process;

    Transport state and vehicle information can be monitored from remote areas;

    Provide special packaging mode for products according to product performance and customer demand.

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  • After-sales Services

    24h on-line customer service receives customer opinions, suggestions and complaints;

    We promise to handle simple problems within 24 hours;

    Complicated problems will be quickly tackled by establishing special project team;

    Technicians provide customers with on-site support. Marketing staff periodically visits to help problem solving.

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